How Can a Brand Improve its Online Presence?

Are you a new entrant in the market and looking to find your foothold? Are

you a brand with some form of presence but want to enhance your online

presence? But, what exactly is ‘online presence’? In simple terms, online

presence includes social media accounts, websites and all that shows up

when you google the name of your business. It also includes the interactions

and contributions made online by the team of the business– all of which

directs potential customers to your business. With this explanation in place,

suggestions to improve your brand’s online presence can be understood


While there may be many tips and tricks you may have read to improve your

brand’s online presence, there are a few to-dos one must essentially do.


  • A large part of a brand’s online presence is its social media accounts.

Having thousands of followers is not a brand’s success rate at achieving a

strong online presence. What is a social media account without being


Take away message: Building relationships by engaging with your

audience is more important than just building the number of followers.

  • Though many people might feel that social media and online presence of

business lacks the personal touch, I believe it just depends on the

personality you give your business online. Your audiences are more likely

to engage with you if you have a more human appearance online.

Take away Message: Try being human.

  • For you and your business to interact more with your audience, most of

whom can be your potential customers, it is essential you remain active.

Your audience and their interest may fizzle out if you are unresponsive or

inactive for more than a few days! This can interpret as being initiative in

business, thereby, tarnishing your online presence.

Take away message: Be Active!

  • Sometimes, smaller brands who lack a big digital marketing team find a

roadblock when it comes to posting online– lack of content, lack of topics to

post, stuck with un-engaging topics. These times call for visually engaging

posts. Yes! As humans, we are more attracted to posts that are visual

rather than some data written in long posts.

Take away message: The in doubt, get visual.