Modern Lap Pool Designs for Your Small Backyard

“Home is where the heart is”, they say. When picking a home, we often look for many things – open spaces, large airy rooms, adequate ventilation, to name a few. Most people looking to buy or build their homes today look for some modern amenities in their homes as well. These include gym, walkways, jogging track and of course, a swimming pool. However, due to space constraints, what normally fits in small spaces is a lap pool. Let’s check out some modern lap pool designs that you can get inspired from for your own home.


While having a large swimming pool maybe the dream for most of us, the space issues these days make it difficult to fit one in. So, if we use the space on the plot effectively, we can definitely fit in a good size lap pool within the premises. The reason for this being that lap pools are narrow, mostly rectangular in shape and can fit in a small backyard or a front porch. Owing to the modern lap pool designs available today, they fit into any tight slot around your home where the space is generally insufficient for any other feature.


Wondering where to fit in one at your home? Well, look around. The most common designs include the lap pool being parallel to the house itself, either in the back or the front of the house. The lap pool can also be an extension of your outdoor seating area to enable you to have your pool parties by the deck.


Love swimming by nature? Having a garden by the side of your lap pool enables you to swim as close to nature as possible. Modern lap pool designs with a garden or a grassy area next to it helps create a relaxing, serene and a rejuvenating ambience.


Well, these designs have the pool on the outside of your home, but some designs allow you to incorporate a lap pool inside your house. How cool is that? You can have a long lap pool that begins on the outside of your home and extends inside thereby becoming a part of your interiors as well. With this design, one can enjoy hydrotherapy both indoors as well as outdoors. Have large lounge area inside your house? Well, having a lap pool as an extension of this lounge area is a great way to enjoy a swim every evening and host some cool social gatherings and parties over the weekends.


If you thought modern lap pool designs included designs only with pools built in the ground, think again! Modern lap pools are also being built over the terrace and on the ground as well. Having features such as a lap pool is not just relaxing but also healthy. Swimming is a great way to work out, get a cardio, increase and maintain the flexibility of your body and offload all those stresses developed over the day. 


So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to space woes and get your own lap pool today!