Veneers in Houston 

Did you ever wish to make that slight change to your teeth in order to get that attractive smile you always dreamt of?

Cosmetic dentistry today has progressed really fast and given us many treatment options to offer to our patients. Dental veneers are by far the most effective and efficient way to correct a smile. We provide the best quality of veneers here in Houston. Read more.


Can Quality Payment Programs  Contribute to Improving Value?

Value-based programmes are those which reward the health care providers for the quality of treatment provided by them instead of the number of procedures they perform on patients with Medicare. Read more.



Growing old is a fact but the actual ageing process depends on the

healthy lifestyle we adopt. Compared to the 30s, the 40s need more regular fitness

exercises and a healthy diet as your body now needs more care than it in the last

decade. Read more.


Veneers Vs Teeth Whitening

Dentists today witness an increase in the number of patients who walk-in for different aesthetic and cosmetic dental procedures. Be it teeth whitening, veneers, smile designing to name a few, each of these procedures have their own indications. Case selection is equally important for the success of these treatments. Read more.

Your Quick Guide to Hampi

Do you love historical locales for a vacation? If you are short on time but would like to get engrossed in the ancient culture and history of India, no place comes to mind but the ancient and austere city of Hampi. Read more.

How Can a Brand Improve its Online Presence?

Are you a new entrant in the market and looking to find your foothold? Are you a brand with some form of presence but want to enhance your online presence? But, what exactly is ‘online presence’? Read more.

Modern Lap Pool Designs for Your Small Backyard

“Home is where the heart is”, they say. When picking a home, we often look for many things – open spaces, large airy rooms, adequate ventilation, to name a few. Most people looking to buy or build their homes today look for some modern amenities in their homes as well. Read more.

Must-have Wardrobe Staples Every Mom Should Have

Being a mom is a full-time job, and most times you are more of a mom-ninja multi-tasking. The last thing on your mind is what clothes you are wearing or how your hair is tied, isn’t it? All this until you need to head out for some chores, grocery shopping, drop your kids off at school or just enjoy a casual relaxing evening with your partner. That’s when you begin thinking “What should I wear?” Read more.