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The Power of Attraction

A lot of people ask me if the 'Gratitude Principle' works in reality.

When I probed many of them further regarding their thoughts about gratitude, I realised most of them confused the Gratitude Principle with the Power of Attraction.

Honestly, the 'power of  attraction' principle did not work for me initially. I tried my best to attract what I wanted. However, after repeated disappointments, I gave up! Then, I came across the 'gratitude' principle, which worked magically and subsequently, so did the power of attraction!

When the books by Rhonda were the latest best selling novels a few years back, most of us picked them from the bookshelves of bookstores with the hope and optimism to magically change our lives- overnight!

But, how many of us really understood and could differentiate the books and their different principles that promised a fruitful life?

For those who did and didn’t, let’s simplify this. Till you practise gratitude, you cannot make your thoughts positive. And so, till you practise gratitude, you cannot practice the "Power of Attraction”. It takes a great deal of discipline to develop the attitude of gratitude. But once it is developed, it becomes easy to practise the power of attraction.

But, what exactly is this 'Power of Attraction'? It is infact a form of affirmative or a positive manifestation of our desires and wishes. It became popular after the book The Secret which, like most of you know, talks about attracting what you want by thinking about it positively. This is a way of positive affirmation or manifestation power.

On a metaphysical level, it is based upon what kind of energy you are developing around you on a regular basis. An optimistic approach to life, a life of gratitude, will multiply your power of attraction and fulfil your dreams .That is how the power of attraction works.

In my previous post, I ask you to continue the exercise of practicing gratitude every day. Along with it, I now ask you to pick one sphere of your life that you wish to improve and practise gratitude in this sphere and along with it, also practise the power of attraction.

Try this for a month and you will see results that bring you contentment in that sphere of life.

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