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What Do You Ask For?

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When you hear of someone being a Tarot card reader or an Angel card reader, the first few thoughts that come to you are : What is that?Do you foretell the future? Can you predict about my life? Is this some kind of voodoo? Are you a freak?

A lot of people ask me what I mean when I say I am a tarot and angel card reader.Most of them think I am an astrologer and I predict about the future and the like.

When I started doing tarot card readings back in 2010, barely any people, even in my close circle of family and friends knew what I am talking about. Almost everyone had to be explained what are these tarot cards and how can they be read.

So, what do you ask the tarot card reader ? What can you get answers to?  What do I tell you when you come for a reading?

Today,I will be telling you about the tarot cards  and what you can ask them. Basically, the Tarot cards  are a deck of 78 cards beautifully designed and they speak volumes to the person who can read them. They were used as means of divination by the Gypsies in Europe centuries ago and is still being practiced but more so in the west.

The way they work is not scientifically proven but they work based on your subconscious mind and the readers’ intuition. They are said to be dark in comparison to the much lighter Angel cards or other Oracle cards but, that is just a perception among the readers who do one or both type of readings.

They help in guidance and counselling along with predicting the near future. They can give you an in-depth analysis of a situation including factors you cannot see or perceive .They can help you with the best possible options in a situation you are stuck in or need help with.

You can sometimes not have a problem in life but still consult the cards to see if you are on the right path with any specific aspect of your life. Also, a lot of people intrigued by the whole “I'm getting a reading” thing and want to test the cards.Let me tell you, the cards perceive this energy and   automatically tell the reader the intent of the reading. So, please do not test the cards ever.

Another interesting aspect is that while a lot of people allow you to read them and the cards, a few people do not allow the reader into their space. This makes it difficult for the reader to read the cards for the client and help them. So, if you want help with the cards, allow them to read you .

Hope this gives you a broad idea about what to ask and how to ask the tarot cards and what you can expect from a reading.

For any queries, personalised tarot card and angel card readings, any Feng shui tips, please do drop in a mail at tlg.secrets@gmail.com

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