The Blue City Sojourn

Our motorised rickshaw dropped us off at the door of an old, quaint building which had windows that were covered in coloured glass. Barely had we got off the rickshaw that two local youths from the Haveli greeted us and insisted to carry our luggage inside. We were two couples and since we were coming from a wedding, I must confess, our luggage was not anywhere close to ‘light’. The moment we entered the Haveli, the owner came forward to greet us, walking down a winding staircase which had the touch of ‘old’ to it.


The Life of a Pioneer

It was 2 pm and I was rather early for an interview. I was actually a bit nervous as the lady I had to interview was a pioneer, a Padmashree, a very renowned physician and a senior practitioner. I waited for her at her clinic in South Mumbai and the administrative staff at the clinic told me she would arrive by 3 pm. As though it was a habit to reach clinic on time, she arrived just as the clock struck 3! There she was – Dr Indira Hinduja who pioneered the GIFT(Gamete intra-fallopian transfer) technique resulting in the birth of India’s first GIFT baby on 4 January 1988.


The Food Trails of Amritsar

Of the 28 states and 8 union territories in India, one thing that connects them all, among many others, is the food! When we undertake travel, most of us are enthusiastic about the local food and delicacies of the place. One state that is absolutely at the top of the list of vibrancy and celebration of food, people and culture is– Punjab! If you wish to spend your long-weekend enjoying history and culture, I would highly recommend a short weekend getaway to the holy city of Amritsar.


The Valiant Unsung Maratha Hero

       "Gadh aala pan sinh gela"

These famous lines seem like straight out of a movie, isn’t it? Well, they are but were, in reality, also spoken by the great Maratha King Chatrapati Shivaji on losing one of his valiant warriors Tanhaji Malusare after he won the Kondhana fort back from the Mughals.

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