Growing old is a fact but the actual ageing process depends on the healthy lifestyle we adopt. Compared to the 30s, the 40s need more regular fitness exercises and a healthy diet as your body now needs more care than in the last decade. A healthy high fibre breakfast, a complete balanced lunch and a high nutrient yet light dinner is the ideal diet you must follow. A balance must be maintained between the diet intake, the fitness regime and the amount of rest that is obtained by adequate amounts of sleep. At 40, the fitness and exercise routines should be more aimed at cardio rather than extreme intensive ones. Brisk walking, a 30min gym routine are good for your body. Yoga is another way of inculcating a healthy routine as it keeps your body fit and mind fresh throughout the day.

The phrase ‘ageing with grace’ is a good way to accept the forties. Both physically and mentally, the forties will make you realise the need to step back and rework your lifestyle. The 20s and 30s were meant for rigorous workouts and fitness exercises along with a healthy diet. But, the 40s need you to cut back a little while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But, the truth is that the 40s are probably the most hectic years of life where work and responsibilities are at their peak. Wondering what you can do to keep yourself fit after 40? Well, read on!


Food and Diet


There are many tips that can be used to stay as fit as a fiddle post 40. Living healthy includes a good fitness regime along with the best diet. 


  • Eating healthy foods that are rich in nutrients and provide you with the energy you need is essential.

  • Cutting down on excessive carbs and saturated fats is a good modification to your existing diet

  • Begin your day with a healthy breakfast. Try not to avoid it!

  • Having a full lunch and a relatively light dinner helps your digestive system and keeps all other vital parameters under control and sets the pace for the coming years

  • What you eat and when you eat also affects your hormones. This is especially true for women as they start to approach menopause.


Exercise and Fitness Regimes


  • Long strenuous workouts can be replaced by some exercises at home coupled with a short brisk walk daily

  • Incorporating yoga is another way to change your lifestyle and we bet it will not only keep you physically but also mentally fit

  • Keeping a check on your numbers such as blood pressure, sugar, heart rate, etc., are a good way to monitor your healthy lifestyle


Though the above tips don’t include this prime component of good health, sleep is absolutely essential for staying fit and healthy. Getting a good sound 8 hr sleep has no replacement and is irreplaceable in your healthy living routine.