Veneers in Houston

Did you ever wish to make that slight change to your teeth in order to get that attractive smile you always dreamt of?

Cosmetic dentistry today has progressed really fast and given us many treatment options to offer to our patients. Dental veneers are by far the most effective and efficient way to correct a smile. We provide the best quality of veneers here in Houston.

Veneers are the solution to correct any unattractive features that may be present in a smile such as gaps, chipped teeth, mildly rotated teeth, discolourations or any structural defects such as white spots seen on teeth. These defects can make anyone lose their confidence.

Veneers have many advantages over other aesthetic and cosmetic dental treatments. They stay whiter for longer, take lesser time than orthodontics and involve lesser loss of tooth structure during the procedure.

So, how long does the veneer placement procedure take?

Before veneers are actually placed on your teeth, the teeth are prepped. After a thorough cleaning and polishing procedure, our dentist will evaluate the structure of your tooth/teeth. If favourable for veneer placement, our dentist will discuss the details of the veneer such as its shade, shape and design with you.

After taking your requirement into consideration, our dentist decides how much tooth structure needs to be shaped or modified in order to place the veneer.

Once the preparation is done, a temporary veneer is placed on your tooth while the impressions are made to be sent to our lab for the fabrication of your permanent veneers. It may take about 2-3 days until your next appointment.

Once your veneers are ready, our dentist will call you for a quick appointment where the veneers will be tried in your mouth to check its fit, shade and its matching with the adjacent teeth, shape and overall aesthetics of the veneer.

Once the final restoration has been modified according to the requirements given by you and our dentist, the final restoration will be cemented on your teeth permanently.

Maintaining your Veneers

Our dental team is committed to providing quality treatments to our patients. Our veneers are prepared using the state-of-the-art scans and technology available at our centres, to provide that ideal fit of the veneer on your teeth. We take care of your veneers before and after their placement as well. We recommend bi-annual routine checkups for our patients with veneers so that our dentist can evaluate their condition regularly.

We advise you to maintain good oral hygiene which includes brushing twice a day, flossing between teeth especially between the veneered teeth and their adjacent ones.

Are Veneers expensive?

We provide affordable cosmetic dental treatments with precision and quality. We have our own laboratory set-up that allows us to get involved at each step of your veneer fabrication. With everything being done under one roof, our veneers are the best choice in all of Houston! We also offer EMI and easy payment options for all cosmetic dental treatments.

Want to know more about veneers? Get your smile evaluation for veneers done today!