Must-have Wardrobe Staples Every Mom Should Have

Being a mom is a full-time job, and most times you are more of a mom-ninja multi-tasking. The last thing on your mind is what clothes you are wearing or how your hair is tied, isn’t it? All this until you need to head out for some chores, grocery shopping, drop your kids off at school or just enjoy a casual relaxing evening with your partner. That’s when you begin thinking “What should I wear?”


Most mamas often complain about not having enough clothes or the right clothes to wear. Being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t have a chic wardrobe at all times.


So, here are some must-have wardrobe staples every mom should have!


  • A Good Pair of Dark Jeans

The most predictable yet the most versatile, a pair of dark jeans are a no-brainer and go-well with most Tees and shirts. Special stress on a ‘dark’ colour of the jeans, especially if you have young kids and maintaining a light pair of jeans is difficult. Be it a restaurant outing, a visit to the mall, or even a casual play date with your kids, the jeans are just about perfect.


  • Stylish Flats

With kids, there is always running around and your heels are definitely taking a backseat now, aren’t they? This doesn’t mean your feet can’t look pretty! Every mom must have a pair or two of stylish flats that go well on most attires and keep you extremely comfortable throughout.


  • Striped Shirt

This is one of my personal favourites and I actually own 2 of them in different colours. Striped shirts and Tees are a classic wardrobe piece to have, look good on all body types, and go well in all seasons. Team them up with jeans and you have a look that never goes wrong!


  • Statement Jewellery

If you are a fan of accessories, you can invest in minimalistic jewellery pieces like loop earrings, simple bracelets and neckpieces, to add that oomph factor to your look!


  • Chic Satchel Bag

While you may be in the habit of picking out the largest bag you possibly can to carry all things that ‘you may need’ during your outings with kids, a satchel bag is still a must-have.


Though small in size, it adds that something ‘extra’ to your look. The best part? Satchels and crossbody satchels go with most looks and keep your hands free!


  • Comfortable Maxi Dress

Every mama needs a dress that she is most comfortable in, loves the way she looks in it and can totally rock the look. Most moms swear by the maxi dresses as they are comfortable, airy and free-flowing.


They are apt for all body types and can make even your bad-hair day look chic! Infact, a maxi dress is a perfect investment right from your pregnancy days to your breast-feeding days and even afterwards. Talk of a worthwhile investment!


  • Button-Down shirts

These are another must-have that I totally swear by. These shirts usually have a relaxed fit, are comfortable, go well with a pair of jeans and are perfect for your casual outings. These are also great for pregnant mamas and are nursing- friendly too!


  • Pair of black leggings

While jeans may be your go-to clothing, your wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of comfortable black leggings. These are versatile and in a breathable material like cotton, they have become more popular than ever.


Dress them up or dress them down, they are sure to give you the perfect look for any occasion. They are paired best with loose shirts, sweaters and oversized blouses and cardigans.


  • Sneakers

I can never emphasise enough on the importance of sneakers for busy mamas. While flats are more dressy, sneakers are totally comfortable when you have a lot of running around to do. They are good for your feet, look good under most attires and are definitely a must-have in a mom’s wardrobe.


Well, here is a sneak-peak into must-have wardrobe essentials for every momma out there. Most of these must-haves are versatile and can make you look great no matter the occasion!