Dentists today witness an increase in the number of patients who walk-in for different aesthetic and cosmetic dental procedures. Be it teeth whitening, veneers, smile designing to name a few, each of these procedures have their own indications. Case selection is equally important for the success of these treatments.

As dentists, we educate our patients about the treatment options available for them. But, patients have their own view and opinion about what they want and should get done. For example, there are many patients who prefer to go for veneers instead of teeth whitening procedures. They prefer to get a fixed, one-time solution to get that beautiful smile. While teeth whitening needs maintenance and touch-up every 1.5- 2yrs, veneers retain their colour and shade throughout their life. So, this option seems more convenient for patients.


Also, some patients want changes in the shape of a few teeth along with whitening them. So, veneers are the best option for them as well. Veneers not only change the shade of the teeth, but they can also change the shape of a few teeth to make their smile more attractive.

In a few patients, the dentist advises them to undergo minor orthodontic correction to enhance the beauty of their smile followed by teeth whitening. Most patients do not like wearing braces and undergoing orthodontic treatment and so opt for veneers which are not only hassle-free but also quick measures in comparison to orthodontic treatment which can take anything between 3 months to 2-3 yrs to complete.

Another common reason that makes patients opt for veneers over a teeth whitening procedure is that in teeth whitening, the teeth become a few shades lighter than they are but ‘how white are they going to become?’ Is a question that cannot be answered. When patients come to you, they come with a few specifications in mind and the uncertainty that the teeth might not be as white as they want them to compel them to opt for veneers where they can pick the shade they want their teeth to be


For all the above reasons, a lot of patients today who come for aesthetic dental procedures today, prefer veneers over teeth whitening.